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Focus on Mathematics, Phase II: Learning Cultures for High Student Achievement
FoM is deepening its impact from earlier efforts by focusing on the partnership's two highest need districts: Lawrence and Chelsea. Building on mathematical learning communities established in the earlier work, FoM Phase II is strengthening a corps of teacher leaders who will lead mathematics-focused professional development activities, including school-based study groups and partnership-wide seminars and summer institutes. FoM is broadening its impact by increasing participation in the current districts, and engaging additional high need districts and a community college.

FoM Phase II also anticipates inviting new higher education partners to join the partnership as contributing members of these mathematical learning communities. Building on experience gained through the earlier work, FoM is creating pathways for teachers that begin with the development of strong mathematical habits of mind in immersion institutes, pass through learning communities in the schools, and lead to measurable change in teachers' classrooms and student achievement.

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Project Contributions

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